Leonardo da Vinci & the Power of Imagination with Jon Rappoport

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Leonardo da Vinci & the Power of Imagination with Jon Rappoport
Leonardo da Vinci & the Power of Imagination with Jon Rappoport

“If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’ve flattered reality enough. It doesn’t need any more. Reality needs a massive injection of imagination.” ~ Jon Rappoport

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Sunday, Nina Heyn (author of Solari's Food for the Soul column), Robert Dupper (who leads audio, video, and graphics for The Solari Report), and Ulrike Granögger (who leads the Solari Future Science Series) will join me in Paris for a celebration of Leonardo da Vinci.

We will be visiting the Leonardo exhibit at the Louvre—one of the great museums of the world:

"The fifth centenary of the Italian master's death is therefore a unique opportunity for the Louvre to bring as many as possible of the fourteen to seventeen paintings now attributed to Leonardo, according to specialists, to join the five large paintings in the Paris museum. The exhibition will include a large selection of drawings and a small but significant group of paintings and sculptures that will provide some tangible context.

This international retrospective will present the latest research findings, critical editions of key documents and the results of the latest analysis carried out in laboratories or during recent conservation treatment by the Louvre."

Wherever you are, I hope you will plug in and draw inspiration from Leonardo and the many celebrations of his life and work during 2019.

Among other museums and exhibits in Paris, we will also visit the Atelier des Lumières.


Food for the Soul: Digital Art in Paris

To celebrate this occasion, I invited Jon Rappoport to join me to discuss Leonardo and the power of imagination. As Leonardo's work inspires us to learn and create, so Jon's work on imagination is a magnificent series of teachings to guide us on our way. Consider this interview a celebration of back-to-back heroes—Jon was the Solari Report Hero of the Year for 2018. Leonardo is our Hero of the Year for 2019.

For Let's Go to the Movies, check out Jon's outstanding speech at the Secret Space Program 2014. I was there—the audience was knocked out!

Mind Control | Jon Rappoport

Mind Control | Jon Rappoport

I will record my next Money & Markets in the first week of November from Hickory Valley. Then I head out on the road across the Mississippi river through the Western states to Portland for our Solari event on November 15th—and then back through Nevada and Texas for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to seeing many subscribers along the way.

Please email or post your questions and stories for Ask Catherine here.

Talk to you Thursday!

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