The Missing Money

Wayne Gretzky once said, when asked the secret of his success at ice hockey, “I skate to where the puck will be.”

It is for the same reason I keep bringing up the issue of money missing from the US federal government and the possibility that collateral fraud and counterfeiting of US government and agency securities were instrumental in facilitating the transfers.

If we simply accept as a given books and records that are not reliable when there is significant evidence that vast sums have been stolen or transferred illegally, we will find ourselves being controlled and bought with the very money stolen from us.

We will endure the ultimate leveraged buyout in the history of our civilization.

This one financial issue will be an important determining factor as to whether our children and grandchildren will live as free men and women or not.

But it is too late, say some, as the money is gone. Actually, it is not too late to recapture funds. If liabilities were illegally or fraudulently originated, we may not be liable for them. In addition, if we are still interacting with liable parties with assets, we can create rights of set-aside for those responsible.

I am inspired by the story last week of the Italian seizure of billions in US bonds from two Japanese crossing the border into Switzerland . Max Keiser Comments

Do you think it is impossible for billions, if not trillions, of counterfeit or unrecorded sovereign and agency bonds to be issued and floating around the world?

Think again…


The Missing Money

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