10 surprised witnesses, the two men took off in a dash. It was one of many times that my appreciation for the thin veil that lies between us and the physical force used to control us may have saved my life. Growing up in a rough neighborhood has had clear advantages. When the establishment wants to change the President, they can and will assassinate him in broad daylight. When the establishment wants to go to war, they can and will engineer a false flag event, killing thousands of Americans. When the establishment wants gun control, they can and will engineer a series of school shootings across the United States. When the establishment wants a War on Drugs or a War on Terror, they can create the phe- nomenon necessary to justify it. Control starts with hardware, not software. It is grounded in the ability to kill and to control our physical world. The global reserve curren- cy is controlled by the people who control the physical flows of information and trade. They control the sea lanes and the cables at the ocean bottom. They control the satellites and drones that fly above. They can deliver the physical force necessary to protect and maintain all these assets. Their control gives them the ability to apply financial sanctions to the countries that depend on access to these trade flows. One of the reasons that force can be diffi- cult to see is that there are many more or less invisible ways of delivering force. A “slow kill” with electronic mechanisms can be engineered to look like a nervous breakdown or disease. Assassinations can be made to look like suicides or bicycle or skiing accidents or car and plane crashes. I want you to understand this simple but profound truth – control depends on physical force. You need to see the iron fist in the velvet glove. One reason you need to do this is that the velvet glove is coming off – as demonstrated by scores of bankers, natural health practitioners, and physician deaths, or ongoing false flag events or a congressman being shot by “a lone nut” while he and his colleagues play baseball. If the recent fires in Northern California were not wild but engineered and recent hurricanes were steered, we may be facing a new form of instant gentri- fication in middle class and wealthy neighbor- hoods and even a domestic Phoenix Program. The “beat down,” as the African Americans used to call it, no longer occurs only in minority neighborhoods, but throughout the country. Another reason to understand control is that we are approaching an inflection point. If we do not restore our behavior, our finances and our society to the rule of law, we will be herded into a new form of slavery without basic individual and property rights and with new inhuman practices. Sovereign governments are losing their mo- nopoly on force within a governed place. Now many private parties can subject us to physical force – to take our property or our lives. We have no one to help us despite our paying a significant amount of taxes with the promise of government protection in the case of criminal attack. If we pay a significant amount of money for protection and instead we get lawlessness and criminality by multiple parties, it is simply a matter of time before we fail. If we want to avoid doing so, we must deal with the real gov- ernance structure and the force that controls us. When your governance system lacks integrity, then your financial system cannot have integri- ty, or your information systems. So you and I must deal with that fundamental integrity issue. We must deal with the force that maintains and enforces the fundamental absence of integrity in our governing system. CONTROL IS INTIMATE We can read all the books we want about con- trol systems – about control files, covert opera- II. Control 101