21 GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE The Matrix A touchstone for any com- puter lover, the movie was released in 1999, the early days of the modern Internet era. Stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, a computer hacker who learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his unique role in the war against its controllers Ed Griffin Interviews Norman Dodd on Tax-Exempt Foundations G. Edward Griffin interviewed Norman Dodd in 1982 about his findings as a head research- er for the Reece Committee. This is an eye-opening look into what the tax-exempt foundations such as Rockefel- ler Foundation, Ford Founda- tion and Carnegie Endowment were really doing with the funds. Sir James Goldsmith: 1994 Interview with Charlie Rose on Global- ization The interview follows Sir James Goldsmith’s book called “The Trap” where he discussed how globalization would lead to a profound harm to populations. Links: The Trap by Sir James Goldsmith. Book review of The Trap. Discussion of Goldsmith & The Trap. COVERT OPERATIONS Legal, Financial and Physical Targeting and Assassination Three Days of the Condor An excellent action thriller with Robert Redford starring as a bookish CIA researcher who comes back from a lunch break to find all his co-work- ers assassinated, and who has to outwit his pursuers while solving the cause of the attack. One of the early movies illus- trating how “national inter- ests” justify a “removal” of a government employee. La Femme Nikita – the original 1990 French movie This French classic that in- spired a movie remake and two TV series is a stylish story of a convicted felon who is trained by her government to be an assassin with no rights other than to kill to order. La Femme Nikita – TV Series – 1997-2001 five seasons A Canadian TV series in- spired by the French movie La Femme Nikita is a perfect primer on covert ops and different surveillance technolo- gies. A clandestine anti-terror- ist organization fakes the death of a convicted murderer and trains her as a covert opera- tions asset. “Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” —aUDREy hEPBURN