60 to understand. When Lyndon Johnson placed the churches under 501c3 status – and he even boasted about this – this was his way of making sure that there would never be any challenge from religion to some of his goals and agendas. That was done in 1965 or 1966, I believe. It is pre- cisely that time period, if you recall, that you saw the big, drastic changes, particu- larly within the United States and Canada, within the various churches – particularly Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, what have you. You saw this hollowing of their core sys- tems and doctrine and ritual and replace- ment with something very, very different. There is no doubt in my mind that all of this is coordinated. People have to under- stand that for these ‘cultural Marxists’, the process itself is all-important because there is no substance to what they’re offering. What they are offering is basically repudi- ation of everything that has preceded us in history, and that is a very, very dangerous thing. Fitts: After this wave of grants and money going from the Federal government to the churches, the churches went through a process of, what I call, the ‘sex wars’ where they were torn asunder by the different homosexual and transgender debates. You not only are destroying and pulling con- gregations apart, but you are destroying their finances. Farrell: You are destroying their finances, and you are destroying their system of what is most important – their system and understanding of the transcendent, which is really what the spiritual agenda was all about. It was to make the church march in lockstep with the world to such an extent that there was nothing unique about the church anymore. I remember very vividly, as a youngster, that it becomes another programming mechanism. Fitts: They are brainwashing you. Farrell: Right. In the process, I think there is another aspect that we have to look at in terms of these culture wars. All of these institutions, in turn, have become large money laundering operations. You’ve talked many times about the role of Harvard and the Harvard endowment and the Rape of Russia and so on. All of this began as a consequence of this. So these things are not without practical, real life consequence. Fitts: One of the last things that I noticed during the Obama Administration was an explosion around me of all the black churches building huge, brand new churches. I think that what they were get- ting was FHA mortgage insurance finance. What that means is all these fabulous churches are now choked with debt, which they received at low cost. Farrell: This means that they essentially sold their sovereignty to the government. This really began when they started having church ministers and rabbis and priests and so on act as ministers of the state for marriage. We see this constant issue come up over and over again of gay marriage. There is a certain segment of the popula- tion that hears the government insisting that churches perform a sacramental rite of marriage for homosexual people which, of course, is contrary to most church doc- trine – be it Lutheran or Roman Catholic or what have you. There is the civil aspect of this question where these people are demanding a certain equality before the law. I think that what is confusing the issue for most people, is precisely the fact that the government, at one point, stepped in and made clergy agents of the state for the performance of marriage. I think that is where it began. I think that churches made a big mistake accepting that one. It’s fine if you want to go off and be married in a civil ceremony, if you want a church ceremony, or a synagogue ceremony. That is something completely different. Fitts: The last thing I noticed was, about two or three years ago, a very aggressive push began to get churches to take down their wooden doors and put in glass doors with metal frames. My question is whether or not they want that so it’s relatively easy to, not only listen to the service, but to deliver entrainment inside the church. Farrell: Nothing would surprise me any- more, absolutely nothing. There are very few churches that have resisted that. What has happened now is you have a new kind of programming that has entered the seminaries themselves and it’s particularly insidious. What they’ve done is sucked the transcendent out of it, and sucked the sublime and the people out of it and replaced it with contempo- rary claptrap and hogwash. That’s why the churches are empty. Fitts: That’s what is interesting. All of these different things are emptying out because they’re fake. You start off with the university, and are going through a process, but it’s real. You’re getting a real education. Slowly you strip out the real education and strip everything that is real. Everybody is going through the process, but it’s dead; there is no life. What hap- pens is people stop showing up. Farrell: That is exactly the case.The fastest growing church in this country, if you look at the traditional confessions, is East- ern Orthodoxy. The reason is because they are traditional – unapologetically so. Even it has made the compromise to the state with respect to 501c3 status and what have you, and it’s only a matter of time. The point here is that they have selected a very careful agenda, and have been very successful in pursuing it by hollowing these different institutions so that now they feel confident they can press their cultural agenda in society at large vis-à- vis changes in language, Constitutional conventions, and so on. This is really what they are about – changing the very fabric of the culture and the laws of government. Fitts: This is what you do when you want to depopulate.So if you see what is hap- pening physically with GMO foods and the vaccines and the fluorides, you’re ba- sically sterilizing the population. They’re infertile, or they are going to be infertile in a couple of generations. Farrell: And they’re calling it ‘healthcare’. It’s the ultimate Orwellian practice and it’s a manipulation of language. Fitts: Part of their challenge, in fact, on Obamacare and healthcare, is that, if you are slowly poisoning the population, it VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell