53 Fitts: I’m assuming that is why they did it. They didn’t want the Russians to do the deal with China. Farrell: That could very well be. I suspect that there is something else happening here, and it goes back to what we’ve said before about commercialize space; you have to militarize it and weaponize it. If this plan goes through, this means that they are putting heavy assets out there. There is no doubt in my mind that they are going to be of a military nature. As to why they are doing that, is it simply because of commer- cialization, or is it something else? I don’t know. It is highly suspicious. We are demonizing Russia on the one hand, and yet they are trustworthy enough to be involved in a major project in space, which is the new frontier for everybody. What is this? I honestly don’t know. The only thing that I can think of is that if NASA is doing this, it’s doing it in the aft of our friend Richard Dolan’s idea of a Breakaway Civilization or a Breakaway State. This is more the Ameri- can deep state doing this than the people in Washington who have big problems with Russia. We are back to our two-track civilization idea again. That is the only thing that I can think of that explains this. Fitts: One of the most phenomenal videos of the 3rd Quarter was the video of Morgan Freeman shilling for Rob Rein- er’s committee on ‘Get to the bottom of the election hacking’. You’ve never seen Morgan Freeman look so scared and insin- cere – even in a movie where he’s playing somebody who is about to be killed. You think, “What did they do? Did they threaten his kids?” You watch it, and here is a man whom I can’t imagine what they did to get him to do this. He obviously does not believe a word he is saying. Farrell: It’s not only that, but if we are that concerned about Russia hacking our elections, we’re going back to the matter of systems that have no integrity. The elections have no integrity because, first of all, they are predominantly computerized. Certain individuals in this country whose abominable name will not be mentioned by me (Soros) but who has been heavily in- volved in financing these color revolutions and Antifa and so on. They are certainly involved in malfeasance in the elections. If we’re so almighty concerned about Russia influencing our elections, then it has to be a level playing field, and we have to be concerned about Israel influencing our elections – which they clearly do. They have their own organizations. Fitts: And we’re going to have to stop interfering with every election throughout the world. Farrell: That is the other thing. The Ger- mans had their national elections last week, and the problem there is that the Germans were worried about election hacking, also, but they weren’t worried about Russia hacking their elections; they were worried about us hacking their elections. By the way, we did bug the Chancellor’s phone. Fitts: If you look at how the fake news has rolled out so far, the Russian story has been made into a joke. I think it’s one of the rea- sons we’re seeing an effort by Hollywood to revive it. It’s not working. Farrell: It’s not going anywhere, and I think the reason is because people realize that if you’re going to pick on Russia, then we need to expose all election fraud on the part of both parties in this country, and that is never going to happen. There are other foreign influence agents available to pick on. Fitts: One thing that came out when I challenged this young activist about implementing the Rape of Russia op here was, essentially, very few people from the audience knew what the Rape of Russia was or what really had happened. Anne Williamson has joined us on The So- lari Report twice, and, of course, Saker has joined us. We’ve been through it before, but I think it’s worth underscoring the extraordinary reality of what happened. Dmitry Orlov has also been on The Solari Report. He was from a Russian family, although he is now living in the United States. He went back and spent a great deal of time there and has written several good books on what it’s like to live when an entire large, complex society collapses. I don’t think that most people under- stand – whether it’s what we did in Russia or what we did in Latin America – with collapsing. We’re certainly watching it in Venezuela. We have a leadership that feels empowered to implode societies and has been going throughout the world for the last 30 years and imploding many societies – Libya, Haiti, and Russia. Tell us about the Rape of Russia and why it’s so important that we understand it at this moment in time, given what is happen- ing with Russia. Farrell: Essentially, what happened was, when communism collapsed and the Yeltsin government came in, you had the Russian government selling off all of the nationalized industries that had been nationalized under the Bolsheviks. Fitts: Everybody is cashing in their stock. Farrell: Exactly. They privatized these industries and set up what were, essentially, the equivalent of a Western trust to sell these things off for pennies on the dollar or kopeks on the ruble. What happened is you had a number of Western capitalists move in via the so-called Russian oligarchs buying all the state-owned industries and basically plundering the country of its wealth. This proceeded to the point – and there is no doubt in my mind – that this was a de- cision taken by a certain directorates within the KGB to put in Mr. Putin. They put him in, in my opinion, for several reasons, one of which was that he knew people in the West who had dealings with him when he was a middle echelon apparatchik in St. Petersburg – then Leningrad. He was also an agent in Germany, but this was during the final years of the Soviet Union and into the Yeltsin era. There were two things that people contin- ually mentioned about him. First, he was always very polite and courteous. Secondly, he was absolutely incorruptible. He could not be bribed, would follow the rules, and would follow the laws. So that worked in his favor, plus the fact that he does have his