66 real estate developers were essentially hooking up with mercenaries and using these weapons to make elderly people sick so that they could move them around and make more money off them or get them out of the housing. Farrell: I’ve read that, too. Fitts: This was a business tool. I was shocked and amazed because the technol- ogy is surprisingly inexpensive and you will see all sorts of books on it. There is information on the internet about ‘gang stalking’. Basically private parties and organized crime use these tools, whether it’s to make more money in real estate or to get back at you or whatever. This is a growing phenomenon, and talk about tearing out the Peace of Westphalia! The problem is not that private parties have it; the problem is that you don’t need the breakaways to get this technology. Millions of people can afford to get this technology. Farrell: Many of the patents are public record. We’re not talking finite material here. These are public record patents. During the Waco siege, the FBI brought over a couple of Russian experts, and some of this technology was being deployed against the Branch Davidians. It does exist, but the geopolitical ramifi- cations are enormous because this means that, essentially, you have a technology that can interfere with military personnel, with any sort of institution that needs a certain amount of security in order to be able to transact – banks, stock brokerages, and so on. All of these things are vulner- able to this. The only way to beat it is to know exactly what the technology is that you’re dealing with and have some means of jamming the signal. Most of us don’t have access to that kind of technology or know how to put it together. So that is one area that impacts this. By the nature of the case, eventually the other area that it is going to impact significantly is juris prudence. Most juries now would laugh at the idea of mind control, but now with the Cuban em- bassy incident, it’s in the open. Because of the Cuban embassy situation, we now know that there are certain physiological signatures of this resulting from prolonged exposure – hearing loss or sometimes tem- porary or permanent brain enlargements and cephalopathy and things like this. It’s going to change the nature of juris prudence dramatically as more and more of this starts. Case in point, think of Sirhan Sirhan in this instance. His lawyers have been press- ing this for years and years. Of course, the courts haven’t heard it because they think it’s nonsense. There is even a Hess connection here, be- lieve it or not. I’ll leave that for people to read in the book. I told Catherine about it before the recording, and it’s a mindblow- er when you hear what it is. These technologies are changing the culture, and they are having an effect. Most people don’t even realize that they exist. The problem is that people need to understand that any electrical circuit can be used to ride into and create a broadcast system to broadcast these types of signals – your electrical system in your house, and all of this. Fitts: It’s really peculiar. I talked in Part I about my frustration with helping people emotionally integrate. It’s one thing to understand something intellectually, but to translate it into emotional intelligence is another thing. I have a wonderful friend and ally whom I persuaded to read the entrainment transcript. I try to get every subscriber to read it. I was talking to him, and he was upset with a relative for buying an expensive car – more than they needed. I said, “Did you educate them about the entrainment?” He said, “No. Why would I do that?” I said, “How do you think they sold the car? They used entrainment. Don’t get mad at them. Get mad at yourself. You didn’t warn them. You didn’t teach them.” However, he couldn’t make the connec- tion from the transcript to marketing. So what we’ve been doing is put on the website one book review about casino gambling and slot machine gambling. You’re using entrainment to get people addicted to gambling. Then I put one up where Jason Worth wrote a great book review about a publication on pornogra- phy because they are using entrainment there, too. It was very interesting. After I convinced him to understand the thing about the car, he said to me, “I’m in a church, and I council young men about pornography. It’s an epidemic with the pornographic websites. Do you think they are using this technology?” I said, “Of course.” Farrell: They are using it on all of us. The important thing to note is that, for me, it’s a practical matter because I have a certain predisposition to depression. I’ve noticed that at certain times, this will oc- cur, and it’s not part of my normal cycle. So you have to be very attentive to your own life. Are you feeling depressed for no reason? Are you feeling elation and joy for no reason? These things can be used. The other thing that I think they’re doing is the scanning lines on the modern high-definition televisions. I think that this is all a part of it. Whenever I watch a DVD or something, I get tired very quick- ly – groggy tired. I think that all of this is a part to zombify everybody, or as you like to say, to weap- onized people. I think all of this is a part of it, and people need to turn as much of it off and be aware that it’s there and that it exists. Fitts: I think that you only need to be aware. That brings us to weaponizing pop- ulation. I try to get everybody to watch the Kingsman, and I’ve heard that the new Kingsman is also useful. They’ve come out with a sequel, which I haven’t seen yet. I’m very worried about going into the 2018 and the 2020 election because I think that laundering all of this money with Bitcoin anonymously and creating this laundry and combining that laundry into all these different activists placing mega money into the hacking community and their ability to buy more equipment, you are basically producing a huge finan- VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell