14 cal year 1999, refused to find out the basis of the undocumentable adjustments or to get the money back and refused to disclose the amount of undocu- mentable adjustments in subsequent fiscal years.The HUD OIG continued to invest significant resources in persecuting Hamilton during this time. As we now know the undocumentable adjust- ments at DOD and HUD total $21 trillion. What this all means is that America’s largest pension fund, largest federal agency and largest mortgage insurance operation have been run intentionally outside the law for a significant period of time – certainly for the last 20 years. That takes a lot of control to achieve and keep quiet. CONTROL IS COMPLEX There are many complex control systems and techniques. Control is complex in part because centralized incentives exist to deliver control within all of the practical systems of life – and for the most part the majority of the systems around us double as control systems. As Jon Rappoport often describes, many different cartels and players compete and collaborate to create an edge or monopoly to implement greater control. That is, many chickens succeed by delivering more power to the farmer. Here is my list of the important control systems or systems used to affect control. In one sense, almost the entire Solari Report library is about how control is delivered and economic value harvested through these systems and what you can do about it. The first list presents control systems in alpha- betical order. The second list shows them in order of importance, from the most important in delivering centralized control to the less import- ant. I should note that in fact all of these are important. One thing you will note is that the more ad- vanced our technology is, the more invisible and subtle our control systems become. Control Systems – Alphabetical Order • Authority • Atmosphere (including Global Spraying) • Chemicals • Commodities • Covert Operations • Control Files • Criminal Enterprise • Culture & Consciousness • Disinformation • Drugs • Education • Electronic • Energy • Enforcement • Entertainment • Family • Financial & Economic • Food • Health Care • Home • Infrastructure • Intelligence & Surveillance • Judicial, Legal & Regulatory • Media & Fake News • Military • Mind Control • Philanthropy • Religion • Science • Secret Societies & Tribal Networks • Sex • Soil • Slavery • Shadow Work & Time Manipulation • Shunning • Social Prestige & Popularity • Space • Taxation • Technology • Torture & Targeting • Transportation • War • Water • Weaponized Population (the Mob) II. Control 101