42 ing that you bring up this plan because this plan has been tried once before.” Actually, it’s been tried several times before. Greg Palast has documented how it was tried in Latin America, but Anne Williamson of the Wall Street Journal documented how it was done in Russia. It’s called The Rape of Rus- sia. In a population of approximately 145 million, it is estimated that 10-25 million people died. This is financial genocide. What you’re going to do when you implode the government on the first day is stop 50% of the cash flows in every county in America. They are just going to stop. That means that they have one to three weeks of food. Maybe they have one to three weeks of cash, and maybe they can go one to three weeks without food. So maybe they have nine weeks before they start dying. That means that the entire economy will im- plode, and you can then sell all the national forest lands and all other lands and all the assets for pennies on the dollar. Farrell: Interstates, highways, airports – everything. Fitts: Right, and if you have 10-25 million people die in Russia, you are going to have 30-75 million people in the United States. Farrell: I agree. That is exactly what they are up to. When you told me that, I thought about how they did the test run in Russia. It was successful for a certain period until the KGB put a stop to it and brought in Mr. Putin, which is why they so hate him. He put an end to the looting of Russia. That is actually what it was all about – or at least he put the looters back into the hands of Russians. Fitts: It’s interesting. I watched Stone’s Putin Interviews, which I think is one of the most interesting videos to come out in the 3rd Quarter. What you see by watching all of them – and it’s long, about four hours – is that Putin’s success with the economy, which has been much better than what I would have thought was possible, has been his ability as, both intelligence officer and attorney, to use the law and ensure that law exists and is respected. No economy can function without that, and that is one of the problems with our economy and why it is requiring so massive of a subsidy from the Federal credit mechanism. Farrell: If you don’t have a system that is grounded in good faith and trust and good- will and good behavior and morality, then the economy breaks down. Fitts: If nobody respects contracts, produc- tivity is destroyed. Farrell: Bingo! That is the problem. He has restored that to a certain extent in Russia. That is what the criminal class in the West does not want to see happen because then their game is over at that point, and all of the money that they’ve stolen is back on the table for discussion. I’m in total agreement with you. This needs to be put on the table, and the Constitution is the only thing that permits it to be placed on the table. That’s why they want to get rid of it. Fitts: I think that there are a couple of tensions that are happening at once that are playing around both the Constitution and the missing money. One is that within the population, there are about 5-10% of the population who are finally beginning to get the map. They are finally getting the intelligence and seeing it. I think that one of the reasons they did Charlottesville was to make those people feel bad about themselves and give up. They don’t want that 5-10% to connect up and get together and start to take action. I think that has been an important dynamic. They are worried, and it is interesting because I have been promoting and trying to warn people about the missing money. In 1999, I started to speak publicly on radio shows, writing about it, and warning them of the housing bubble, the fraudulent securities, and the missing money. The bailout happens, and then more and more servicing fraud is divulged on the mortgages. Then finally, in about 2012, people started to understand what I was saying about the housing bubble. It was a bit late, but some people got it and sold their houses right before the high, so that was good. With very rare exception, no one has ever been able to resonate or connect with the missing money story. What I’ve said is, “Look, if I can steal all the money I want from the Federal credit mechanism, then I control.” So this is about governance. If a group of people can steal as much as they want and act with impunity outside the law, then they can control. All these other debates about policy and everything else are irrelevant. We had a Congressman who was moving on a series of different issues, including pe- dophilia and human trafficking. He and his group had threatened to not reauthorize the NSA bulk collection – which I suspect was the real issue, not the pedophilia. He was shot, and we’ll see if he might be harmed for life – very seriously. You have an entire world of Congress critters and senators who don’t want to be shot. They are kowtowing and they are playing the line. One of the big control mechanisms that was put into place was Obamacare, and yet we haven’t been able to repeal it. Farrell: That is a sign of how deep all of this goes. We heard from that particular political party, “Just put us into office. Give us the Senate, give us the house, give us the White House, and we’ll repeal.” We now see that has ‘gone up in smoke’. Fitts: Right, and John McCain has been in the lead of making sure that it doesn’t repeal. Farrell: This brings up this complete control mechanism again because they are either doing this because they are under threat from the corrupt system, or they are doing it because they have bought into the system and have profited from it. It is absolutely crucial to understand that these people are not abiding by the Consti- tution. This is the bottom line once again. Fitts: Here is another thing. If you have to look at the system, it can’t work economi- cally. Farrell: It can’t work economically, and it’s not working at a human level. Let’s remem- ber that Obamacare was under threat from suits that were pending before the Supreme Court and Justice Roberts flip- flopped. VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell