43 V. The Deep State Grows More Evi- dent: National Security Control • Washington Deep State w/ Dr. Cynthia McKinney • The Entity Controlling The Economic System Is Much Larger Than The Fed: Rob Kirby • CIA Agent Whistleblower Kevin Schipp Risks All To Expose The Shadow Govern- ment • Whistleblower Lawsuit Charges Illegal Retaliation, Dangerous Practices at CIA’s Elite Directorate of Operations • NSA Links to Big Corporations • Former Forbes Bureau Chief Blows Whistle On 9/11 & Fukushima • Seeing The Secret State: Six Landscapes VI. Migration and Immigration • Fernando Cortés: “Massive Mexican Immi- gration—a Business of Crooks” • Goldman Warns Italy Has The Lowest Capacity To Absorb Migrants • Trump Ends ‘Dreamer’ Immigration Program, Places Onus on Congress CULTURE I. Are We Sovereign? • Who’s Your Hero? Catherine’s Commentary on Charlottesville II. Who Will Nourish – Rebuild the Field? • Cynthia McKinney On The Left Right Divide And The Power Cell Solution III. Embracing Complexity & Uncertainty • Former US President Jimmy Carter Says He Knows What North Korea Wants • Christians Outpace FEMA and in so doing Tame Big Government • Dr. Albert Bartlett The Exponential Func- tion • Free Speech is Who We Are • The Black Farmer’s Unwelcome Words of Wisdom • America’s Stores are Closing. Why Isn’t that Raising a Jobs Alarm? IV. Need for Revival of the Artist & Scholar • Weapons of Mass Instruction: A School- teacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling by John Gatto • Math is Amazing and We have to Start Treating it that Way • The Confederate General Who Was Erased • Ivy League Scholars Urge Students: ‘Think for Yourself’ • Mathematical Secrets of Ancient Tablet Unlocked after Nearly a Century of Study A. Mind Control: • 5 Ways Smart Phones Are Dumbing People Down • No Other Way to Say It, the Zombie Apocalypse Is Here • DARPA Wants EEG Readers in Every Classroom in America • Hurricane Irma as a Symbol for America B. Trans-humanism: • The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In: Part 1 Vaccines V. Resources Food for Soul Series • Food for The Soul: British TV Miniseries • Food for the Soul: Wolf Warrior 2 • Food for the Soul: Da Vinci and Salt • Food for the Soul: Valerian or Why Hollywood is Hard to Beat • Food for the Soul: 13 Minutes & Dunkirk • Food for the Soul: Generation Wealth Exhibition • Food for the Soul: Jack Strong • Food for the Soul: “The Circle” • Food for the Soul: Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party 87