62 This is precisely the attitude that I see reflected in many people. They are talking basic theft and good old-fashioned Marx- ism or fascism of one form or another, and yet it never occurs to them to think, “Well, we have so many lessons of history, and none of these systems have worked,” if they even know that history. There is this kind of plastic jingoism out there while all these other things are happening, and they are covering all of this activity with that meme. Really, what the meme is saying is, “Yeah, we’re going to be able to pull this off because we’re Americans.” Unfortunately, I have bad news. There is the old expression that just because you have the Arc of the Covenant doesn’t mean you can’t be carried into exile. This is an old lesson from history. We learned it in Sunday school – those of us who remember Sunday school. This is a spiritual awareness that many people don’t have. They don’t have it be- cause this war has been waged so that they have never been exposed to it. Fitts: I return to the financial point. The umbrella that they’ve been living under is not just the umbrella of the Constitution, but it’s also the umbrella of contracts with their parents and grandparents being kept, as well as enjoying being the reserve currency. If you implode the Federal credit mecha- nism, that all goes away. Farrell: Let’s make the umbrella bigger. The umbrella is really the culture. It’s those three pillars , which I talked about before. That is the umbrella, and that umbrella produced that unique document at a certain point in that civilization’s his- tory. That document went on to be copied by other countries, and so forth. I think it’s a cultural umbrella that they don’t realize is under assault. Take that umbrella away and replace it with some- thing artificial and dreamed up by social justice warriors. You think you’re misera- ble now? Just wait. Fitts: Frankly, as a financial or economic matter, it means you’re talking about a 90% cut in the value of everybody’s assets overnight. Imagine every family in Ameri- ca having their net worth cut by 90%. Farrell: It’s not only that, but the finan- cial scam that they’re running is that your net worth is going to be cut, but your debts won’t be. That’s not a level playing field at all. That’s theft and fraud. Fitts: That is what they did in Russia. Farrell: They did it in Germany after World War I. It’s an old scam. The Germans were at least smart enough to be onto it early in the game. They said, “Let’s just print more money and pay off your debt with worthless Re- ichsmarks,” but that didn’t work. Fitts: I talk a great deal about coherence and incoherence, but, in my opinion, part of the cultural wars that they are push- ing – you talked about the transgender complexity of what the pronouns are – is, if you can keep people in a state of inco- herence, they have no power. Farrell: People need to understand what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about transgender people; I’m talking about the language itself. There is a certain cultur- al agenda that I think even transgender people have in their heads – that has been more or less driven into their heads – by these people who are waging the cultural war, and that is they have to behave and act a certain way, but I don’t think that is the case. I know many transgender people who don’t behave the way that we think they should behave or do behave. I’m not talking about that at all. I’m talking simply about the linguistic manifestation of this culture war and that is what I am saying. Since we’re discussing incoherence, the ultimate game here is there is a certain period – and I wrote about this years and years ago when I was writing about Gnos- ticism and trying to teach people what this was and how it worked in the history of the church – where what you’re actually doing is creating two communities with two different brains. It’s similar to a three- legged sack race. You have two legs tied together in one institution, so to speak, but they are operating under two different brains. The brains have their own unique, linguistic, cultural world view, and they are in conflict with each other. The goal for the intermediate step of all these types of revolutionary culture war activities is precisely to create an interim state where there is confusion and where there is incoherence. Once you break down the rest of the culture with that incoherence, you can step in and make the final push and provide the final part of the process and agenda you want to put into place. That is very deliberate. Fitts: I believe it’s not only reducing and draining the power out of each individ- ual, but it’s making sure that they can’t connect with each other to create even greater power. Farrell: Exactly. That is the game. Fitts: It reminds me of my favorite line from Jock Ewing in the TV series, Dallas, “Nobody gives you power, but boy, you take it.” They want to take every ounce of power within the human collective. Farrell: The one thing that is standing in their way, as we said last week, is the Con- stitution. I think this is precisely a cultural monument. I don’t mean ‘monument’ in the sense that it is something pretty to look at. Fitts: In terms of our covenant with each other? Farrell: Exactly. That is what I mean. This is why I keep telling people, “You have to own your culture because it’s that we’re really fighting for. It’s that which has given us the blessings of this umbrella that we’ve all been operating under.” You take that away, and everything goes. Fitts: That’s why I think that the one thing that each one of us can do is to improve our culture game, so to speak. Whatever we do with our time and inten- tion, let’s get aggressive about our culture. Farrell: You stop and think about certain artists in the 1960’s and 1970’s like Bob Dylan. What they were doing, in a certain sense, was a deep cultural critique and analysis. They saw this coming, and they wrote about it and they sang about it and VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell