44 Also, I went into one CVS or Walgreens – one of these chain stores in California – and they said, “Ten percent off all purchas- es if you get the new vaccine.” I couldn’t believe it. Farrell: I can. Fitts: I’m watching, and it’s clear that the publicly traded stocks – whether food com- panies or drug companies – are planning on big profits from this drug push. I was talking to somebody the other day that said, “You’re not going to believe this.” They never go to the doctor, but for some reason they had to. I think it was to get a form for insurance or something. The doctor said, “How many pharmaceuticals are you taking?” They said, “None.” The doctor wrote down, “Nine.” They said, “No. Not nine; none. Zero.” The doctor was shocked, but he was not shocked by nine. Nine was the appropriate, expected answer. Can you imagine taking nine pharmaceuticals? Farrell: Yes I can because part of creating the cultural dissonance and breakdown has been to drug children. We’ve seen the vac- cines and autism connection that they are in absolute denial of. That is part of it. The other part of it is giving youths Ritalin and Adderall, particularly young boys. Fitts: Retired teachers in Tennessee reported to me that one of the reasons they retired is because they were so heavily pressured by the parents to put the kids on drugs so that they could get a social security disability check because, otherwise, they couldn’t afford to feed their kids. Farrell: It’s insanity, but the important thing for people to take away from this is that what we are saying, none of these things are happening by accident; these are coordinated efforts. I’m going back to what I said earlier about full spectrum dominance. This is not, in my opinion, just a military policy and doctrine. This is the policy that they have adopted for domestic governance and management. Fitts: Right, and it depends on a lie. One of the lies is that there is no money. The reason that lie is only ya-ya is because it’s similar to a farmer who has a milk can that has a hole in the bottom. If you milk the cow and put the milk in the can, you never have enough milk because it’s always leaking out of the hole in the bottom. The solution is not to shoot the farmer and not to shoot the cow because the cow is pro- ducing milk. The solution is to get a new can or plug the hole. The reality is that our economy is being run for these different reasons. You and I have talked about the earth as a REIT, and it’s being run to get the dividend and we’re all being harvested. If you could, in theory, turn the returns by place in every county to a positive return on investment instead of a negative return on investment, if you could allow markets to work, most people can’t be productive unless they can get an honest price. Price is what helps them understand how to allocate their time, how to allocate their learning, and how to allocate their money so they can be productive and acquire what they want. If you turn off the price and turn off the smoke alarm, they are going to act stupid. So if you look at whether it’s turning the government money to a positive return, getting back the money stolen, returning the governance of our society to something relatively lawful – as it appears Putin may have done – and give people an honest price, then you are back to a productive society. Farrell: You are back to a mechanism, which goes back to what we said earlier about price and these virtual markets and the constant intervention in the markets. Price is no longer a mechanism that people can use to determine their decisions. In the absence of that, what do they do? They shut down and quit producing. There is too much confusion. Fitts: I would say that some of the great- est enemies of the US Constitution are: Silicon Valley and the software industry. We have created a software industry which derives pleasure from disruption, believes it is free to disrupt, not only private market functions, but governmental and civic functions, believes it should be free to do it outside the law, believes that it should be above the law, is perfectly happy to be sneaky and make sure its code is unread- able, and basically is subject to enormous amounts of blackmail and manipulation. In addition, they think that it is all very clever. The last thing is that they are completely and utterly ignorant of their various subsi- dies. They don’t understand that most of their technology was laundered into them. The regulators have left them relatively alone, and they have massive capital subsi- dies. Massive. So they are similar to surfers on a wave, and all that they know is that they have the wind at their back. They don’t understand that they are being used. They are the pat- sy, and they don’t see it. I have heard top venture capitalists say, “Hey, I’m in the private markets. I have nothing to do with government.” I want to say, “Pal, the government killed millions of black people to raise capital so that you could have the cheapest cost of capital in the world. You don’t know that? You don’t know that South-Central LA was destroyed so that you could have free money? You don’t know that?” Farrell: And they don’t. Fitts: “You don’t know that Area 51 and all that technology was laundered into you and your pals? You don’t know?” These people are very smart, and have worked very, very hard. They are very ambitious and very smart, and they don’t know. In certain respects, you are looking at people who have an IQ of 180 that are the stupidest people you have ever seen, and it’s terrifying. Farrell: It’s terrifying, and it’s not only because they are ignorant of their own subsidized roots, but they are also living in that virtual world themselves. They are helping to create that virtual world. So they don’t have any real connection to human activity and this is the problem. Everything is a virtual reality to them, and they don’t see the human cost of some of the things that they are doing. VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell