9 THE FOUNDATION OF CONTROL IS FORCE All control systems on Earth begin and end with force. Force is the ultimate enforcement mech- anism. The people who control do so because they can and do threaten and kill with impuni- ty, and without regard to any law. In the Western world, that force rarely shows its face. It uses financial, legal, and political systems to do the dirty work. It’s better to use disinfor- mation, fake news, fake science, fake history and mind control. There are an endless number of visible and invisible systems used to achieve control these days. However, the effectiveness of all of these systems depends on the ability to maintain the physical force to control. So although the percentage of control systems de- livered with actual physical force are fewer than in medieval times, force remains the bedrock for keeping all control systems working. This is why the economic model of the planet is the “central banking – warfare model.” This is why global military expenditures globally are over $1 trillion a year, now including $700 million in the official US budget. The cen- tral bankers print money out of thin air and then exchange it for real labor and real natural resources. Why would you exchange your labor and natural resources for something printed out of thin air? Ultimately, we do so because there is a gun pointed at the head of the people and governments who oversee and manage the exchange. Americans who do not understand this fact baffle me. The velvet glove has fed us so long that we have driven the iron fist deep into our subconscious. I will never forget being on a pan- el with a very intelligent activist who started to denigrate “gun nuts.” I turned to her and said, “I guess you don’t want your social security” – knowing that it was an important source of her income. She sneered at me “the two issues have nothing to do with each other.” She could not fathom that if the American people gave up their guns, it was going to be much easier to relieve them of their property and abrogate long-standing contracts. If your travel outside the G-7 nations or spend time with immigrants, you will find the people much more conscious of the role of force in our control system: “The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion (to which a few mem- bers of other civilizations were converted) but rath- er by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.” – Samuel P. Huntington I grew up in a neighborhood in West Philadel- phia near the University of Pennsylvania that was going progressively down hill as drugs and related crime grew in the 1960s. When I was in high school, a series of stabbings occurred near the University, emanating towards our area. There was an unusual – and professional – feel- ing to them. So one day, I took out the newspa- per reports and a map to trace the progression. There was indeed a pattern. Each murder was one block south and two blocks west of the previous murder. Each murder occurred after the same regular amount of time. If the pattern continued, the next murder would occur the coming week on the corner where I lived. Several nights later, my parents were giving a dinner party. I went to visit a friend, and then headed home when the party was expected to wind down. I drove home and parked around the corner. As I parked the car, I saw two men sitting inside the car in front of mine with the motor on and their lights off. I got out of my car, and so did they. I did not see anything else as I ran at Olympic record speed to my house, up the stairs and up to the front door. The only thing I heard was the sound of footsteps running behind me. As luck would have it, my father was opening the door for guests returning home. I threw out my arms, gathering all of them with me, as I went flying into the hallway. Presented with a large party of