46 VII. News Trends & Stories • Two New Municipal Food Policies – Moving Forward or Running in Place? • The Little Law Office That Could • Yesterday’s Visions of Tomorrow Going Local: • Louisiana-made Baseball Bats on Display for Trump’s ‘Made in America’ Showcase • Tervis Tumbler Represents Florida on Trump’s ‘Made in America’ Day • Gibson Guitars represent Tennessee in Trump’s ‘Made in America Product Showcase’ • Made in America Week Highlights two Ohio Valley Companies • Utah’s Colonial Flag Shows Off at the White House’s Made in America Event • Fit for a President: Trump Gets the ‘El Presi- dente’ from Garland’s Stetson Hats • Kimmie Candy Represents Nevada at Made in America Showcase • Vermont Food Bank Acquires 20 Acre Farm • Scoring: How to do the Math on Proposed Development in Your Town • A Composition of Fallacy: Incremental City Growth • Modern Small-Scale Farming – Could It Sustain Us? Could We Sustain It? • Turning your Greens into Greenbacks • Nourishing Strong Communities • How Electricity Cooperatives in the US are Paving the Way • Buying a $500 House in Detroit: Bidding on the Soul of My City • After Decades in a Food Desert, These Neighbors Are Building a $2 Million Co-op – And They Own It • This Golf Course is Being Converted into a Residential Olive Grove • Twenty-five years later, “The Town that Beat Walmart” is Back on the Map • Foodservice Micro-chains Growing in Major Cities THE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS • Cyber Threats Prompt Return of Radio for Ship Navigation • What’s Really Going on with those Expen- sive Aegis Class Missile…Part One • What’s Really Going on with those Expen- sive Aegis Class Missile…Part Two • Exclusive Richard Dolan Lecture on the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis • Richard Dolan talks to Bill Ryan in Depth: Corey Goode, Andy Basiago, Bill Tompkins, MUFON, and More • Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh talks Seth Rich and John Brennan • Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Asks Russia For “Clinton Information,” 2 Days Later He’s Dead • Former FBI Assistant Director: “Hillary’s Crimes Would Land a Normal Person in Federal Prison” • Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Wet Works… Eugenics… Or Both? • The Entity Controlling The Economic System Is Much Larger Than The Fed: Rob Kirby • Official Autopsy Report (Linked) States Naturopath Hanged Herself in Garage 9/11 • CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’ • US Army General Whistle Blower Reveals Facts of 9/11 World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks • The Science Behind the Collapse of the Three World Trade Center Towers on 9/11 • The Lies of 9/11 “Miracle Workers”. Bush and Cheney, How They Ruined America and the World • Bush, Cheney & 911 with David Ray Griffin 90