12 Mind control is a toolkit of practices and tech- nology, many of which are old. One ancient practice is hypnosis brought back during the Crusades by the Templars from the Assassins in the Middle East. As a result, criminal hypnosis has been practiced in the West for centuries by secret societies as one of their most valuable secret technologies. Mind control research and technology blos- somed with Nazi research during WW II. Oper- ation Paperclip imported Nazi mind control research and technology into the United States after the war. Major government funding for research and application invested through major research universities, hospitals and corpora- tions (many of which integrated Nazi scientists and doctors into their operations) continued these efforts, supplemented by funding from some of the most prestigious US foundations. Combined with ongoing innovation in digital technology, electronics and communication, the result has been an explosion of low-cost mind control technologies that can be delivered on an individual and community basis. Combine that technology with unlimited secret government and corporate funding and we have built up a significant infrastructure to manage multiple mind control systems that can be eco- nomically deliverable to both individuals and groups. What was once the occult knowledge of secret societies – limited in its scale – has been converted to an industrial strength institutional- ized machinery that can engineer mind control on a global scale on an economic basis. In- deed, with communication, media, energy and entertainment systems that can do just almost everything with AI, the system is wildly profit- able. Combined with a variety of other control systems, it can create addictions, sell products through surveillance capitalism, generate eco- nomic monopolies and swing financial markets and political campaigns in ways not dreamed of not that long ago. Whether smart phone, television, internet, pharmaceutical drugs or other delivery mech- anism, ways of entraining people and reading and managing their thoughts and actions become easy. The population is being “weapon- ized.” Among those reached by modern communi- cations, there are two kinds of people – people who have been mind controlled and know it and people who have been mind controlled and don’t know it. If you want to live a free and inspired life, you must understand mind control and take steps to deprogram you mind and protect yourself from the mind control loaded into the systems that we use and depend on each day. First you have to face it, and only then can you proceed to fix it. CONTROL IS A WAR FOR YOUR POCKETBOOK Until mind control technology became eco- nomic on scale, money was by far-and-away the most economic control system. If you want to control a person, find a way to make money controlling them. The more profitable it is, the easier it is to control them. Lots of people are available to help by sharing a small percentage of the gains. There are many aspects to the financial and economic systems, including: • Currency • Financial Data & Incentives • Banks – Credit & Debt • Equity • Insurance & Risk Management • Taxation and Government Finances • Endowments & Philanthropy Traditionally one way that control has been im- plemented in America has been to simply hire everyone. This control method is one reason why government and government contractor employment continues to grow despite new technology. By and large, if an individual is enjoying financial prosperity, he or she is con- tent, particularly if mind control and fake news II. Control 101