35 3rd Quarter Wrap Up Part I: News Trends & Stories with Joseph Farrell October 12, 2017 Catherine. Austin Fitts: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Solari Report. I’m having fun because I’m sitting with Dr. Joseph Farrell, and we’ve been having some great discussions. I’m guilty of bad habits because I stayed up far too late last night reading his new book, which is a doozy! This is Part I of News Trends & Stories for the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up. What an explosive quarter we’ve had! I’m so delighted that Joseph is back to help us make sense of this. In Part I, we will be talking about the Economy, Financial Markets, and Geo- politics. In Part II, which will be next week, we will talk about Culture, Science Technology, The Unanswered Questions, Go Local, and Inspiration. One thing that Joseph and I have conclud- ed is that the most important part is Cul- ture, which threads through everything. We will focus on it next time but bring it up this time. It is always a pleasure to welcome Joseph to The Solari Report, so welcome. Joseph Farrell: Thanks for having me back. Fitts: It’s a beautiful sunny day, and I’m with the voice of sanity. Farrell: Sunny, yes. Beautiful, no. It’s not raining, so it’s not beautiful. Fitts: Before we start, I want to update everybody about the crowdfund and the book. So why don’t we start with the book? I haven’t finished it yet because you plopped it on me last night after I returned from a long, long drive. I couldn’t put it down, and I’m looking forward to finish- ing it. You have a new book, and you’ve kept this under tight wraps. Farrell: I tried. Fitts: Tell us about the new book. Farrell: The new book is called Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess because, to put it in a nutshell, most people don’t realize the significance of the Hess case, but you get a measure of the significance by the fact that most of the documents in the Hess case are set to declassify this year – the same year as the JFK assassination. That should give people the measure of the importance of it. When they read the book, I think they will discover that there are certain parties very interested in keep- ing him under wraps for various reasons for most of his life. I don’t want to give away the plot, but he essentially was on a peace mission to Great Britain, but the peace that he was proposing was extremely comprehensive. Basically, I think that what he and certain parties in Great Britain were trying to do was realign the geopolitical structure of the world completely – cut the Soviet Union out of it, cut the United States out of it, and have Europe under some type of An- glo-German hegemony and make Europe the predominant power. It was a huge gamble and they came very close. Most people don’t realize how close they came. Fitts: It’s absolutely fascinating. Of course, everybody has been peppering you for years, “What’s happening in Antarctica?” The reality is that you can’t discuss that without looking at some of the deep histo- ry, and there is a very deep history here. Farrell: Oh, there is enormous history. Hess was involved, in my opinion, in a plot that also involved Hermann Goering, who was the sponsor of the Nazi Antarc- tic expedition. So there was something definitely happening between those two re- garding Antarctica, and I think, as part of the piece that he was proposing, Antarctica was definitely on the table for discussion with Great Britain. The simplest explanation is that there are many untapped resources in Antarctica, and I think that it was a case of, “Let’s just divvy up the pot.” Fitts: We can go to your website, www.Gi- zaDeathStar.com, and can link and order the book, which is available now for order. Farrell: The book is available But I have not yet linked it on the website, so you either have to get it directly from Adven- tures Unlimited Press, or go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and get it there. Fitts: The second thing is that our won- derful organ-maker, Chris Martin, has been buried in the same kind of shadow work that you and I get buried in Farrell: Apparently. Fitts: I’m laughing because ‘we laugh so as not to cry’ – the old Mel Brooks’ expression. We are now hoping to get it in November, and I’m thinking, “What an appropriate time for you to receive your organ, in the middle of Thanksgiving?” Farrell: It would be nice. Fitts: So the organ has not been deliv- ered. We’re hoping it will be delivered by Thanksgiving. I want to put out a message to all of the donors to let them know what is happen- ing. I see that you have purchased more music.