17 listened carefully and said to me, “You forgot the most important one – Grace. If you look at what is happening, we should all be dead, but we are not, so something else is going on. I call it Grace!” Whether accessing divine intelligence and power or infusing and uplifting ourselves and our culture with it, grace is indeed happening all around. TRANSPARENCY Transparency is at the heart of all solutions so long as our mind serves us in contrast to being mind controlled by outside forces. I wrote about the importance of transparency in my article, “William Diefenderfer: The Econom- ic Hit Man of Student Loans” “The Evolution of Cooperation (by Robert Axelrod) provides valuable insights into the age-old question of whether unforced cooperation is ever possible. Widely praised and much discussed, this classic book explores how cooperation can emerge in a world of self-seeking egoists — whether super- powers, businesses, or individuals — when there is no central authority to police their actions. The problem of cooperation is central to many different fields. Robert Axelrod recounts the famous computer tournaments in which the ‘cooperative’ program Tit for Tat recorded its stunning victories, explains its application to a broad spectrum of subjects, and suggests how readers can both apply cooperative principles to their own lives and teach cooperative principles to others.” In a series of computer simulations, Axelrod discov- ered that a player adopting a “Tit for Tat” strategy emerged the winner. In a “Tit for Tat” strategy, a player always cooperated unless aggressed upon, at which point he or she would counter aggressively. However, if given the option to cooperate, the player would return to cooperating. The reason that the “tit for tat” player won over time was that he or she attracted the highest quality players as potential partners. A necessary condition to the success of this practice of cooperation was transparency. The general society or market had to be able to clearly identify the various players. They needed to be able to understand the historical record of the play- ers – those who cooperated productively and those who did not. In other words, the market needed information to be able to sort the ethical, competent players from the pack. Which brings me to the point of writing this article. If Bill and Sandra Diefenderfer can be socially ac- ceptable given the source of their wealth, then there are no solutions. Whether moral or legal – crime pays and crime that pays is crime that stays. If the dirty players are consistently presented to the market as ethical, competent players, as “winners,” then the market cannot choose. Ultimately, the enforcement that counts in our society is who is honored, who is accepted and who is shunned. This is why transparency of government money, credit and regulations that impact the general economy is essential. If you review the list of control systems, you will see that the investment in manipulating knowledge is immense: Secrecy, fake news, fake science, fake history, surveillance….the list goes on. In essence, mind control is the farmers “jump the curve process” to escape transparency. If you cannot control the databases, control the processors. Just in case, try to control both. RESPONSIBILITY You are responsible for yourself. It all starts with you. You know that which is why you are reading this document. INTEGRITY Once you take responsibility, you have to be ruthless about who are your associates. In an increasingly lawless environment, where many things are changing at once, you must associate to the extent possible with people who have integrity – who are both competent and moral. Make sure you encourage your friends and asso-