11 Watch the inverview on Infowars with Alex Jones and Aaron Russo for a clear understanding on how the Cabal plans to control us. www.inforwars.com tions, surveillance and mind control. However, until you can see it in your own life day-to-day, your own spending and investment of time and money, your own associations and the history of and current flow of events and change around you, you will never see the control systems. Control is created and managed at an intimate level. Seeing it at that level is where you find your power – the levers to remove yourself from control in a way that helps others around you to do the same. I will never forget when the first book was pub- lished about economic hit men. It was a “true confession” about events long ago and far away – nothing that would change the flow of cor- rupt transactions today. It delivered the ultimate limited modified hangout. The system was fun- damentally good – it had just gotten a tad out of control. This was solace to nice middle-class Americans who wanted to keep enjoying the benefits of using the global reserve currency without feeling badly about themselves. After all, the book implied that economic hit men and jackal assassins were operating in com- munities far, far away. Our social prestige de- pended on being beneficiaries of distant wrong doing – and not seeing the hit men operating in our communities, even preying on our own children. Our pity for the poor countries far away and long ago was really a form of escapism and denial. I wonder, how many of us in the G-7 nations have lost our children to drug or other addic- tions or sexual abuse and covert operations because we could see the game in Latin America or Africa but not in our own neighborhoods being pillaged to send more cheap capital to Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street and Washington. One of the most important losses of freedom is the illegal, often invisible, invasion of people’s homes. Our society at one time concurred that a “man’s home is his castle.” Yet, now we see a new assault on property rights, personal safety and privacy. This assault includes police powers of seizure, home invasions, seizure and search without warrants, targeting of people in their homes with nonlethal weapons, forced fluoride in water systems, surveillance through phone, TV, appliances. smart meters, and assertion of eminent domain, not to mention predatory mortgage lending and violence related to the War on Terrorism, the War on Drugs and vari- ous convert operations. When I settled my litigation with the federal government, I bought a small modest home and set it up as an office basecamp for a more nomadic life. I wanted to be free – to move when opportunities attracted or circumstances required. In this environment, movement is life. You must be prepared to move forward come what may. You must have the planning, archiving and redundant capacity to succeed in systems torn apart by disruptive technologies and dis- ruptive actions, The farmer is reengineering the farm for new technology – AI, robotics, quantum computing. The farmer has not and will not share the plans with you. CONTROL IS A WAR FOR YOUR MIND Control rests on physical force. However, force is not the most effective control technique. Force is expensive. It spooks the herd. It inspires vengeance. As the English poet wrote, “Ye are many – they are few.” This is why the most effective and economic control system is mind control. This is why the investment in building a global mind control machinery over the last three decades – if we could get a full accounting – would boggle our minds. Rest assured, we have paid for it. We have funded and built the machinery now being used to control our minds. And as Jason Bawden-Smith has helped warn us, much more powerful technology is coming.