41 excess of about 15 to 16 times the domes- tic product of the planet. That takes an extraordinary amount of hubris. They’ve documented their own inability to deal with reality. They’ve documented their own willingness to go to the mat and enslave everybody. This should not be a problem for people to wrap their heads around. This is clear and it’s documented. The problem for me ultimately, is that you are dealing with people who have networked sufficiently, who now control all of the levers and mechanisms through control files, mind manipulation, weather derivatives – which is the latest thing to come on the scene, and is a handy thing to have around if you have the technology to manipulate the weather. You’re dealing with people who are playing with and for the entire planet. There is no doubt in my mind that the last thing that they want is a mechanism in the form of a system of governance, namely the Constitution, that recognizes the sovereignty of the individual over their papers, person, property, and their life. This is the last thing that they want be- cause that holds them accountable. They are under that umbrella, too. Take that umbrella away and you ‘ain’t seen noth- ing’. We are in for bad, bad times if they get away with that agenda. What disturbs me, also, is we’ve seen the creation of, what I call, the Weimar Republic where you have private armies creating social chaos. Most of this is com- ing from the left but, eventually, this will happen on the right as well. That is when things degenerate into chaos. At that point we’re going to either see calls for a Consti- tutional Convention or calls for a strong arm – a strong individual – to come in and ‘restore law and order’. This profoundly disturbs me and we need to remember the Reichstag Fire. The Con- stitution issue is this country’s Reichstag Fire. This is where they’re going to make their big play. Fitts: That’s why I’m so concerned about the weaponization of the population. Farrell: This is precisely what is occurring. Absolutely. Fitts: I haven’t seen the new Kingsman movie, but I’ve had several people call me and say, “Oh my God! I can’t talk to you about it, but you need to see it.” I see many different signs that they are prototyping that. I talked to you about the conference that Harry Blazer and I recently attended. Harry and I are going to record a report and explain it in much more detail. You and I are going to touch on some of the things that I learned. There was a wonderful young woman there who was talking about how divided we were as a people because there are these wonderful citizens showing up in black hoods and breaking windows and being violent, and I realized that she has no idea that it’s an op. These people were paid. On the ‘Precious Metals Market Report,’ Franklin said, “People don’t have time to leave their jobs and drive 1,000 miles to break windows. They’re too busy for that.” Farrell: I read a report recently that during the campaign, Hillary Clinton had donat- ed $800,000 from her campaign fund to Antifa. Fitts: Oh my goodness! Farrell: That says it all right there, folks. This is a put-up job with professional paid actors, with agent provocateur, probably from various rogue elements within the intelligence community. As I said, it’s only a matter of time. If that part of political society is willing to do that, then eventu- ally there is going to be a pushback of a similar nature. Once that happens, things degenerate into chaos, you create a Con- stitutional crisis, and so you are going to solve it with a Constitutional Convention, which is going to be a disaster. I want to point out to people: Do you want Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell being the people to draw up a new Constitution for the country? Fitts: They aren’t the ones who will be drawing it up; it’s going to be somebody much more terrifying. Farrell: It will be somebody much more terrifying than them, but I’m using them because they are people of our time. Fitts: All those crazy people on the inter- net who say that they’re going to round us up and put us in FEMA camps; everybody pooh-pooh’s it, and I pooh-pooh it. Well, that thing is going to happen. Farrell: Exactly. It’s either going to be that, or it’s going to be the call for a strong man to restore law and order. Fitts: One thing that happened at the conference was that I heard ‘Plan B’ about how we could get rid of the Constitution. One of the plans to get rid of the Consti- tution is to do the Con Con, and that is working state legislators and trying to get them to pass a request for a Con Con. You get there, and then – of course – everybody is entrained. Then you tear it up and do something new. I had a great interview with Edwin Vieira where he explains why you can’t limit a Constitutional Convention. Once you start it, it will be out of control. So that is one pathway to it and is coming from conservatives. However, there have also been several liberal attempts, and those have to do with climate change or other different angles they’ve tried. It’s as if they are trying everything. I saw an activist who is being financed anonymously through Bitcoin. Bitcoin is giving the powers that be the ability to launder infinite amounts of money into activists’ pockets, and all of these people are on an anonymous basis. It’s not anon- ymous, in my opinion, to the NSA, but other than that, it is. What he said is as follows, and it’s on his website: “First the Libertarians win, and the first thing that we do by executive order is shut down the government. The second thing that we do is put all of the assets in a trust fund, and then privatize them.” Farrell: That sounds like Russia 2.0. Fitts: He said, “We tear up the Consti- tution because it’s old and passé and we don’t need it.” I stood up and said, “That’s very interest-