65 tions to occur in the first place. Fitts: You need to go through a process to transact into it. So the block chain could be, in theory, secure but hardware isn’t. You’re going to need electricity to access the database. Farrell: That, also, and any electrical system gives off a radio signal – however minute it might be. Fitts: So it may be secure, but it may be offline and you can’t use it because you have no electricity and your transactional mechanism is insecure. Farrell: Let’s talk about ‘who’ since we’re discussing the geopolitical implications. Who would be doing this? When these incidents happened, the first people to be blamed are the Chinese with the implication that, “Russia is lurking in the background somewhere, obviously.” I don’t think that you would reveal a full card like that over something so minor, even with North Korea in the back- ground. Then came the Cuban embassy business. This is where I thought that it became very interesting because I proposed im- mediately when the Fitzgerald and when the McCain incidents happened that a third extraterritorial actor may have been responsible, trying to get everyone else pointing the finger of blame and increase and notch up tensions. The Cuban incident is very interesting because Bruno Rodriguez, the Cuban Foreign Minister, met with Secretary of State Tillerson recently. The Cuban Foreign Minister was very, very clear that Cuba was not responsible for this and didn’t know where this was coming from. The signatures of what was happening in Cuba, one person reported hearing this horrible, grinding, screeching sound as he was lying asleep. He got out of bed, and the sound stopped. He went back into bed, and the sound started again. You can target electromagnetic interfer- ence patterns over specific, very small regions which, by way of entrainment, the brainwaves will entrain with certain frequencies of electricity and will create a beat frequency in the brain that can stimulate the audio cortex of the brain, and you can hear things in your head that aren’t actually audible to someone else in the room. They will only be present where you have that interference pattern. This, in my opinion, was a key signature of known patented mind manipulation technologies. That is number one. Number two, the Cuban Foreign Minister told Secretary of State Tillerson or some- body during the course of the conversa- tion – and I have a blog about this on my website – that it’s unknown whether Cuba or other such actors were behind this. I believe that was a real signal. That tells me that they may already be thinking of an extraterritorial actor as being behind it. Why do I think that is significant geo- politically? Well, it means that there is another player on the global stage with access to these technologies with the abili- ty to operationally deploy them, even in a communistic state like Cuba. If that is the case, then we could be looking at the same group that the Russian economists prior to 9/11 warned about – that the United States would come under a terrorist attack on its own soil by an international group (and she was very specific here) with assets in the trillions of dollars to create a new climate of change to drive their agenda. In other words, she was saying that there was a nonterritorial actor in the picture. This is what I think is happening in Cuba. Let’s remember that President Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, made a statement in 1997 or 1998 that these types of, so-called, nonlethal weap- ons exist. Then he went on to say some- thing very significant, “And some of them have fallen into the hands of terrorist organizations.” So, yes, I think it’s highly possible. Fitts: Didn’t he say that they could do tornados and earthquakes and weather warfare? Farrell: Yes, the whole nine yards. That is exactly what he said. Fitts: So in 1994, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice entered into a Memorandum of Under- standing that would allow the Department of Justice to prototype the use of nonle- thal weapons for domestic use: Crowd control. I learned about it because in 1996 I started to be targeted by, what turned out to be, electromagnetic weaponry. We couldn’t figure out what was happening and what was wrong, so I dove in and started to research incessantly. There is also a very good book by a very successful author, which is called 1996. It’s about her targeting with these weap- ons, including, what is called, ‘The Voice of God’ where they try to put thoughts into your head. I reviewed it, and it’s on the website. Farrell: I read that book. Fitts: It’s very interesting. Suddenly the Department of Justice, I think, was using this. I think that they were prototyping it. Part of what they were doing, obviously, was I was being targeted and in litigation with them. I think they thought, “This will be a perfect situation to prototype these and see how they work, but also it will weaken her and make it easier to beat her.” This is clearly criminal and unconstitu- tional, but that didn’t seem to bother them with respect to anything that they were doing. So I assume that it was DOJ or CIA. I researched it, and one thing that I discovered was that one of the biggest applications in America, from what I could tell from networking with people who were experiencing it, was real estate owners were using it. You want to get a tenant out? The other thing is that, if you look at the Federal assisted housing programs, if you have a senior in housing and they have a Section 8 voucher or whatever, you’re making a certain amount. However, if you can incapacitate them, you can move them into assisted living and charge more than double what you were charging for them only being a functional elderly. What appeared to be happening was that