79 attention to it. Fitts: What we agreed was that the goal of your new organ is to give you joy. Farrell: Trust me, yes. Fitts: The goal is not to flagellate yourself against your own performance standards. You don’t relate to process. It’s been a delight to spend time with you and to discuss News Trends & Stories. I will tell you that if you listen to these two analyses of News Trends & Stories, you will know what is happening. Farrell: I think we are headed in the right direction with this new thematic broad-picture approach. I am asked all the time, “What is really occurring here?” I’m not saying that I know what is really transpiring here, but I have some good guesses. Fitts: I encourage everyone to go to the web presentation and run through it. Re- view the different trends and the different stories. Certainly you will notice the story that will help you understand why, if you do get a sex robot, you probably want to keep it locked in the closet. Farrell: Keep it in your gun safe and that will be the next thing: robot safes. Fitts: Nonetheless, the air gap problem is always going to be a problem. Farrell: Sex robots? Really? Fitts: Remember, “Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.” It’s time to interest everybody in humans again. Farrell: We have laws on the books about bestiality, but machines apparently? No. They are already talking about, “Will robots have rights? Can you be hauled off to court for raping a robot?” Fitts: If you have $10,000 to buy one, you should take organ lessons instead. Farrell: Yes, take organ lessons; please take organ lessons. Fitts: Go on a tour of the Chinese organs. Farrell: Or go to Europe and take organ lessons. Please don’t take piano lessons be- fore the organ; it will ruin your technique. Every time somebody talks about sex robots or sends me an article about sex robots, I say, “Do we really have to go there?” Fitts: Do you know why I keep bringing this up? Because it helps you if you are on a road that is in the wrong direction to see the picture of where it’s going. Farrell: It’s absurd! Fitts: Of course, but it shocks you in to saying, “Wait a minute. I don’t want to go down that road.” Farrell: Of course not! Really? Fitts: Here is the situation: If you under- stand that, you can rethink having smart appliances. I finally am breaking down, and sometime in the next year I will buy a new stove, but it will be one that does not have digital anything; it will be 100% mechanical. You need to understand there is risk on this road, and you do not want to walk into that picture. Farrell: I don’t want a little machine saying, “Your window is open.” I know that my window is open but I want my window open because I like the breeze. Fitts: Did you see the story in the 3rd Quarter about somebody coming home and discovering that, with their Nest tech- nology from Amazon, Amazon was deliv- ering packages that they hadn’t ordered? They discovered that their parrot had figured out how to start ordering things. Farrell: Leave it to a parrot! It was proba- bly an African Grey, “Oh, this is cool!” My friend has an African Grey parrot and I think I’ve told you this story. When I was in California, my friend had to get to work early, so I took his young son, Benny, to school. Murray was the parrot. Every day I would go out the door, and turn to the bird, and Benny would be there. I would say, “You be a good bird, Murray. I’ll be right back.” One day, I opened the door, and before I could say anything, I turned to Mur- ray and looked at him. This little parrot looked right back at me and said, “I’ll be a good bird.” Benny and I had our jaws on the floor because this bird had made a grammat- ically correct sentence that it had never heard before and used it in the appropriate context. We stood there. I turned to Benny, and he turned to me, and I said, “Did he just say that?” He said, “Yes, he did.” That is the case for animal intelligence right there. Fitts: I’ll close with this one story. Caro- line Casey described Senator Byrd filibus- tering trying to stop the Iraq War. No one was listening to him, or paying attention. He threw up his hands and said, “I might as well be speaking to the oceans.” Caroline Casey said, “Senator Byrd, what a good idea.” I’m thinking of The Lord of the Rings when the trees came in. I do believe in the Mandate of Heaven. I do believe that all living things can come and participate in taking this into the right picture. I, for one, invite Murray to participate. Farrell: I’m a big animal lover; I love animals. Fitts: Joseph Farrell, it’s always a plea- sure. Thank you so much for joining me on News Trends & Stories on The Solari Report. MODIFICATION Transcripts are not always verbatim. 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