43 I’ve always thought that this was a clear indication that there is some control mech- anism that is being used to ensure that the system does not collapse, which it will. Plain economics says that it is going to. That is an indicator of how deep all of this goes and how corrupt the system is and how unconstitutional it is. Fitts: Back to my stock market chart, if you look at the financial charts that we have for the 3rd Quarter, they cover how the different markets have done. What you will see is that the bond market is out- performing the GNP, the stock market is outperforming the GNP, precious metals is outperforming the GNP, and com- modities are not outperforming the GNP. So equities, bonds, precious metals, and everything but commodities are outper- forming the GNP. Part of that can happen because technol- ogy is making a difference – and certain kinds of productivity – but we know that general productivity is flat lined and labor productivity is flat lined. So that can only be possible if you’re liquidating living things – people, environments, etc – and you’re stealing massive amounts of money from the Federal government to continue it. You can’t keep that going unless you bust the Constitution. We have a leadership – whether it’s corpo- rate or political – because the politicians are getting all of their contributions from the capital gains coming off the rising real estate and stock market values, and you can’t have that last without tearing up the Constitution at some point. Farrell: That is the problem and you said it last night: The only thing that can pos- sibly keep it going is tyranny. That is the only thing that can make it continue. Fitts: For a short time, however, what you have to do – and this is their vision – you have to replace all labor with software and AI and robotics, and then depopulate the people, or give them a universal income and give them a chip in their arm and go to a cashless society. If you look at what is happening, the reason healthcare costs are exploding is because you are essentially poisoning the population to convert them to infertile people. So GMOs, vaccines, spraying, and all these things are part of a long, slow de- population. That is exploding the health- care expenses because you’re also drugging them with pharmaceuticals, feeding them GMOs, and poisoning the population and weakening them and making them infer- tile, and that is exploding healthcare costs. Farrell: And you’re poisoning their minds, so let’s not forget that. Fitts: Right, you are poisoning their minds. You’re trying to make it possible so they can’t see the game and take control of their own healthcare but it’s not hopeless. You can deal with this if you can see the game and take control of your own health. I think that the reason McCain voted against the repeal is because Obamacare was the infrastructure put in place to man- age the liquidation of the population. Farrell: Precisely, I totally agree and I’ve always agreed with that. Fitts: When you drive around the coun- try – and you and I have talked about this before – you see it because it’s the equiva- lent of the Nazi model, but friendly. Rap- poport calls it ‘Hotel Auschwitz’ because it’s like a hotel. Farrell: It is. Fitts: During the 1990’s and the early 2000’s, for the last 15 years, every county has a brand new hospital or healthcare clinic complex. So there is a brand new healthcare clinic and a brand new prison and a brand new criminal justice center. The middle class is liquidated through the hospitals, and the lower class is liquidated through the criminal justice system, and both are drug systems. So the middle class is on pharmaceuticals, and the low-income go to illegal narcotics and through criminal justice, but it’s the same process, and they are making money on both of them. The lines between the two are nicely calibrated to optimize their profits – both on the pharmaceuticals and the covert cash flows. Farrell: And let’s not forget the culture part of this, which, in my opinion, is the most important. Let’s remember that the CIA was involved in promoting modern art and certain types of music. Fitts: Incoherence. Farrell: In other words, they’re trying to produce ‘epistemological warfare’. They are trying to produce a state of rational incoherence and cognitive dissonance in about everybody so that you can no longer spot a moral hypocrisy and then act on it. This is the bottom line. They are keeping everybody drugged and zombified through television and music and the ‘whole nine yards’. Fitts: I noticed with the criminal justice centers – and they were popping up in every county, which was amazing. Farrell: And the private prisons. Fitts: So you do the pharmaceutical liqui- dation, and then the narcotics liquidation. Marijuana is a big thing. Interestingly enough, if you talk to the drug dealers where I live, what you discover is that the biggest reason for buying marijuana is be- cause you don’t have healthcare insurance and it’s an alternative painkiller. Farrell: Oh, I know. Fitts: It’s so carefully calibrated. Farrell: I knew somebody who had a pre- scription for medical marijuana – the small pills. He took it for pain and for appetite control to help control the appetite. The prescription cost the government $1,700 for a bottle of 30 pills when he could buy a bag of marijuana for $50 on the streets. Fitts: Yes, but then a local farmer would make money. Farrell: We don’t want that! Fitts: I’m watching the criminal justice centers being built and the shiny new hospitals, and, in the meantime, when you go into the grocery stores, they are significantly expanding the pharmaceutical and off-the-shelf drug section by a lot – by 10-20% of the space. In fact, there was one time when an entire checkout line at the local Walmart was moved aside so that they could put in a special vaccine place where people could get their vaccines.