78 ality. It’s going to be bumpy, but ultimate- ly these people who we are watching – the social justice warriors and all of this – are going to fail. The reason they are going to fail is because what they are ultimately about is something completely inhuman. There is only so long that people will put up with that. Already I think that there are signs that they have overplayed their hand, and the reaction is setting in very fast. Fitts: I have been amazed at how a very diverse selection of the population is hip to their tricks. Farrell: This is their problem: They have nothing new. They are running the same playbook over and over again, and every- body sees it. The reason it is going to be bumpy – and I’ve said this before – is be- cause we are in one of those periodic 500- year transitional periods or cycles of history where the entire civilization is undergoing a paradigm shift of some sort. Yet this one is unique in all of human history because we have not seen such a shift applied to the whole planet at the same time. It’s beyond the ability of any expert or technocrat or central banker to control or manage. The sooner they realize and give up the attempt to do so, the sooner that transition will be made smoother and managed more effectively. The bottom line is that everybody is going to have to adjust to it in their own way, in their own time, and in their own speed. That is the bottom line, and it’s going to be bumpy – no doubt about it. Fitts: That is the importance of focusing on what it is you can do that is energizing for you and doing it. Farrell: If there is any doubt that we are in a big transition, lo and behold, the Saudis have recently let women drive. Fitts: There you go! Farrell: The point is that even the Saudis know they can’t keep this system going for- ever. They are simply going to be brushed aside and left in the historical waste bin. If you’re an Arab and have looked at that culture and all it has achieved over the mil- lennia, it has achieved quite a lot – some of it bad, and some of it very good. You simply are not going to tolerate being left in the historical ash can. Change is happening everywhere. It may be happening slower than we would like in some places. Women can drive carriages in Saudi Arabia now. Good, you’ve come up to the 16th century. Fitts: Here is the issue: The central bank- ing warfare model has run the Western world for 500+ years. This is a very deep change. Farrell: It’s horribly deep, and even the bankers know this. We’ve talked about Schäuble before. He knew it before and knows it now. I think even the French lady, Christine Lagarde, knows it. It’s not as if they are all oblivi- ous, but none of them – and certainly not me – has any idea how this is all going to turn out or how it’s going to appear when it’s all done. One thing that I do know is that I don’t want it to look the way that the social justice warriors want it to look. Fitts: One of the most positive things of the 3rd Quarter was the Bank of Inter- national Settlements publishing a new study. In their executive summary, the last sentence says, “We need to focus on equity solutions.” Farrell: Where have we heard that before? Really? Fitts: You have to start someplace. Farrell: Welcome aboard, Bank of Interna- tional Settlements! It’s about time that you became part of the program. Schäuble had it right; the debt growth model is over. The other thing that we are learning now is that these big federated systems are not working. Fitts: Maybe miracles could happen. You and I could be on a train in Europe that broke down. We could get intoxicated with Schäuble. Wouldn’t that be fun? Farrell: I don’t drink, so I’ll have to be the teetotaler in the group, but that would be an interesting conversation. Fitts: I would love that! Farrell: Have him and Sergey Glazyev and some of those people in Russia stuck on a train in a snowstorm together. That would be interesting. Fitts: One of the great videos of the 3rd Quarter was Tillerson giving a press conference in early August when he said, “I haven’t been talking very much, but I wanted to give you an overview of where everything is going and what we are do- ing,” and it was completely 100% adult. I thought, “Oh, what a wonderful thing to watch an adult for an hour talk about real policy and where we’re going in a clear, coherent manner, and be an adult.” It is possible. You never know – miracles happen! Tell us again how we get your book. Farrell: You can probably get it from Ad- ventures Unlimited Press or you can get it from Barnes & Noble and the usual online stores – the usual suspects. I won’t men- tion the other one because I don’t want to give too much business to that one. I would rather that it go to Barnes & Noble than the other one. Fitts: I think that we all would and we’ve decided that. Farrell: They can get it there but, eventu- ally, I’ll have it on my website. I’ve been swamped trying to get other projects done, so I haven’t really kept up with that, but I will have it on the website. Fitts: The other thing is that I look for- ward to doing News Trends & Stories in the 2017 Annual Wrap Up. The 2017 Annual Wrap Up is going to be about pension funds and the state of the pension funds. We’ll have much to talk about after the 4th Quarter. Farrell: Are there going to be pension funds after the 4th Quarter? Fitts: One thing that I hope we are going to be discussing is giving thanks that your organ showed up by Thanksgiving. Let’s keep our overworked organ master in our prayers. Farrell: Keep Mr. Martin in your prayers. I’ll have to give a report on how bad things have become over 30 years of not paying VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell