38 Farrell: Yes, that is what they said at the Star Chamber. Fitts: They set up a global Star Chamber where Congress is authorized to do whatev- er it wants in violation of the Constitution. The second thing that they’ve done is, and this started in fiscal 1998, said, “You can spend as much money as you want on whatever you want. You can issue as much fraudulent securities as you want,” in defiance of the Appropriations Clause that says that Congress has to appropriate it for it to be spent, and it says that you have to provide disclosure from time to time. I would say that, if you look at the Libertar- ians with only those two things, the failure to enforce those two things is the source of most problems. Farrell: I would definitely agree with that. Fitts: You and I could sit down with people who we totally disagree with on almost every issue, but if they would just agree that the money has to be spent honestly and has to be disclosed, most problems are going to go away. Farrell: I think that the Libertarians get too involved in philosophical discussions and aren’t looking at the reality of the situation. Fitts: I think that most Libertarians are ter- rified to look at reality, so they go around in circles because they don’t want to face the fact that they are scaredy- cats. Farrell: They don’t, and what they are offering doesn’t really address the situation. The situation is that it might be a flawed document, but the problem is that – flaws or no flaws – it does have protections and it does have an aspect of covenant that is not being observed. When it’s not observed, we see the mess that results. Fitts: My attitude is,“Enforce the Consti- tution.” After you finish enforcing it, if you don’t like it, then we can discuss improving it, but until you’re willing to enforce the things that we like. Farrell: I wouldn’t even say that I would be willing to discuss improving the Consti- tution because this takes us back to what I think the fundamental problem is. We are in a culture where the political class itself has no real grounding in the conventions of law and jurisprudence that lead to the Constitution because they don’t believe in it. Secondly, we have a popular culture that, regardless of what documents such a convention might produce, they will spin it so that it sounds good and people will be stampeded into accepting something that really is not a workable document. I think that the culture has to change, and it has to change – if I can be blunt – in a traditional direction before we even contemplate touching the document and touching the system of government. Fitts: Now the Constitution represents a covenant that we all share and agree to. The reality is, that if you tear it down, there won’t be any new document. What there will be is chaos, and there will be the ability of the people who stole all of the money to buy everything for pennies on the dollar. One thing that we are doing in the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up is to talk about Control 101. That is our theme. You know that our cover is very clever; I love it. We get into all the gruesome things – entrainment, weather warfare, false flags, everything. It’s peculiar because, for many, many years, as you know in the financial community, I’ve been saying that it is going to slow burn, and you have an entire alter- native financial media system that says, “It’s going to collapse,” and I say, “No, it’s not, it’s going to slow burn.” The difference between them and me is that I understand control technologies. I understand how you can manipulate the stock market or the bond market because I know how you can manipulate all of the different people involved. I have found myself in constant war with the alternative media world and the financial media for 15 years. One thing that amazes me is that they will say, “It’s all going to implode in July, and the dollar is going to go to zero in July,” and then in July, the dollar goes up. This war goes on and on and on. One of the few people who ever came back to me and said, “You know something? You were right and I was wrong. I want to learn more about what you have to say,” was Greg Hunter. I sat on his show, and it was approaching July of 2014. Foster and Kimberly Gam- ble, who were friends, and I went to their house and they said, “The dollar is going to collapse in July.” I said, “No, it’s not. It’s going to explode; it’s very strong.” They said, “No, it’s going to collapse.” I said, “Guys, if you’re going to say that, a lot of people could lose money listening to you. I’m going to have to part company with you publicly over this.” It got tense because, what they were saying was dead wrong. So I got on Greg Hunter’s show that month, and I’ll never forget it. I left Foster and Kimberly’s house and got on the air with Greg Hunter, and he says, “The dollar is going to collapse.” I said, “No, it’s not. It’s going to explode. It’s going to go up and it could go up a lot.” It turned out that by the end of the year it was up 12.5%, which was a huge move in the currency markets. Greg got very upset. He is a very passionate person, and I love him to pieces for it. He said, “You don’t understand. Every person on this show” – and he has many people – “say that it is going to collapse and going to collapse soon. Every person. You are the only one who says that it is going to go up, so you have to be wrong.” I said, “No, I’m right.” So he bet me a dollar, and I made him pay me a dollar and it’s framed in my office. He came back to me and said, “How could everybody be wrong and you be right?” I said, “Greg, it’s because I understand control technologies.” As a result of the litigation, I had the opportunity to learn how a few people can control many people – enough to make things go up that have no value. Part of it is that you have to understand how they use the Federal credit mechanism. If I can engineer the Federal credit mech- anism with all of its securities and all of its money and all of its cash flows and all of its VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell