51 cost of the FedEx was more than the value of the computer. I would get a new second-hand computer that Court had slapped together from the parts in his garage, and that would keep me online for the next 29 days until he had to send the next one and within a year, he had sent me 13 computers. Here is what was amazing: I am getting hacked – my property, my rights being destroyed every 29 days – and I can’t go to an enforcement agency; there is no one who will help me. Farrell: I know, the government is not functioning for the people anymore. Fitts: There is no law and it’s chaos. So what I can do is manage the chaos. If it weren’t for Court, I wouldn’t have been able to keep doing the work that I was required to do. We are in and are moving into a situation where I think it’s going to get much worse. So that means that I’m in a place, and I can have any one of these three groups and multiple groups within those groups, so within a place, I am subject to the force of thousands of groups who can use force against me in a place, and I can’t figure out who they are. Farrell: The same thing has happened to me in a different way. I had many books placed by my publishers on a certain ebook format from a certain company whose name won’t be mentioned here. The next thing I knew – and this has happened to a friend of mine, as well – all of my books are on free PDF on the internet. This last book – the Hess book – I told my publisher, “Do not permit any ebooks because they are too easily hacked.” I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out that there were people who work for the government involved in some of that. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Fitts: My favorite one happened a few years ago. I was invited to a conference, and I was somewhat suspicious. Why in the world would these people pay me to give a speech? While I was there, two newsletter writ- ers who are people that I don’t respect, followed me . I don’t respect them or their work, and I don’t like them. I think they are basically in the fear porn business. They followed me, and one of them is a marketing person and that is writing notes and listening to everything that I say. When the conference is over, suddenly my entire subscriber list is hit with marketing from these two groups. So, somehow, they had the database and that is criminal. What they do is, all the target marketing is using my words and expressions, and it’s designed to look like they agree with me. From talking to various subscribers who were all happy and excited about this, it sounded as if they were probably using en- trainment. I can’t prove it, but that is what it appeared to be. Farrell: I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Fitts: People would call me all excited and in a rush, “Oh, this is wonderful. They agree with you. I have to get this because they agree with you.” I’m thinking, “What is this? This doesn’t make any sense.” I don’t know how much money they made from that, but it was actually a criminal hit. Farrell: I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I’ve seen my research popping up in places and with certain people whose names you can probably guess that are spun into these wild directions. There is no credit given. I have another friend that this has hap- pened also. He writes in the field of research, and it happens all the time. I have people emailing me, asking, “Did you talk to such-and-such because what they are saying sounds very much as though they lifted it from you.” “Yes, they did.” Fitts: I don’t mind that in the sense that ideas are free. Farrell: Sure, but you are an academic and I am an academic. What you do is reference and footnote and credit your source. Fitts: Here is the thing: When you steal somebody’s private information and hack their list, that is a big deal. Farrell: That is criminal, right. Fitts: Especially if they were using entrain- ment.That is also criminal. I feel as though they were doing deceitful things to people. That’s why I won’t get on Facebook. They are going to create lists that get used, and I will not be a party to that because we work very hard. The intelligence agencies could get any- thing they want, and I suspect that is where they get it. The story that I was about to tell you is one that I’ve told many times on The Solari Report. In 1998 I was sitting in my office, and an acquaintance of mine at the CIA, who was very senior in strategic planning, sent me an email with a link to a speech that George W. Bush as Governor had given. The CIA was promoting him to be the next President. They were working on it, and they were trying to make him out to be the ‘education President’. His father tried it, and it hadn’t worked, so they were going to try it with him. So he gave his speech on education, and she said, “What do you think?” I wrote back, “It’s so stupid.” She said, “Why is it stupid?” She became very upset. “If you wanted to be the ‘educa- tion President’, what would you have said?” I told her, “I would say this,” and I wrote several paragraphs of what I would say and how I would say it. I didn’t hear back from her. About three weeks later, we were sitting in the office and my attorney was there. I opened a national newspaper and there is a news report about a speech by Bush on education, and there is an entire paragraph lifted from my email. I’m sitting there thinking, “Did I get paid for this?” Farrell: Did you get referenced or cited? No, of course not and I’ve had that happen to me. This goes back, not just to the rule of law, but also to something much deeper. This goes to common courtesy and aca- demic method. If you’re basing something on somebody else’s idea or using their words, you foot- note them and credit them with what you