72 documents. I think it’s because of Antarc- tica. If anybody knew what went on down there besides Admiral Byrd, it would have been Forrestal. Fitts: There is another piece to this. He was violently opposed to the creation state of Israel, and you almost wonder what those three things had to do with each other. Farrell: They may have had something to do with each other. You look at this list of people, and Secre- tary of State Kerry went there during the election. Buzz Aldrin, who dropped off the map, also went down there. Fitts: I was hiding in the Netherlands in case Clinton won. However, why was John Kerry, Secretary of State, down in Antarctica for the election? Remember that he is Skull and Bones, so what is that about? Farrell: John Kerry, Buzz Aldrin, King Juan Carlos, Prince Harry or Prince Wil- liam, the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill III, Rudolf Hess, Admiral Byrd, and Hermann Goering. What do all of these people have in common? Antarctica. Fitts: Prouty claimed that because of the assassination, they moved him out of town to Antarctica, but where did he read about Oswald? Farrell: In New Zealand. Fitts: New Zealand is where you stop on your way to Antarctica. So was he ‘out of town’ or was he doing the same thing that John Kerry did? Who knows? Farrell: I don’t know. That is why it is all so strange. You look at that list of people, and you think, “What does this list have in common?” It’s Antarctica. Fitts: I refuse to live in a state of cognitive dissonance. I believe that if we keep asking questions, we will find answers. Farrell: It is eventually going to come out. They may not acknowledge it, but I honestly think that, whatever it is that they have found down there, my strong suspicion is they found evidence of a very ancient civilization – possibly technically sophisticated. Fitts: Think about this: If you look at a globe sitting on a stand,you don’t see Antarctica because it’s on the bottom and it’s covered by the stand. So they have managed to delete a continent bigger than North America from the consciousness of generations. Farrell: Do you want to crawl way out onto the end of the twig with me? Fitts: Let’s go! Farrell: Okay. You’re going to love this. Do you remember when Trump went to visit Saudi Arabia and visit the Saudi King? Fitts: Yes. Farrell: Remember how they did that very strange ceremony with King Salman where the King and President Trump had their hands on this globe that was glowing? Look at the globe carefully. If you look at where North America is on the globe, guess what? Fitts: It’s where Antarctica is? Farrell: It’s Antarctica. The continent that is depicted on the globe where North America is, is Antarctica. Fitts: Oh my God! Farrell: I told that to Richard Hoagland. He brought up that ceremony, and I said, “Richard, you need to look at that globe very carefully. You’re not looking at North America. It’s this weird photo-mor- phed combination of North America and Antarctica, and Antarctica is in the wrong hemisphere for crying out loud.” I’m thinking, “The Saudis are not stupid. They know where Antarctica is. What is it doing up there?” I thought, “There is something happening here.” Lo and behold, what is really very strange about all of this is you now have a number of countries that want to send expeditions to Antarctica like Turkey and Saudi Arabia – like they have any experi- ence living in that kind of climate. They all want to send these expeditions to Antarctica, and the strangest of them all is that the Russians decided in the middle of all of these international visits that they were going to send the Baltic Sea fleet to Antarctica. “Let’s just pick up and go, guys.” The want to send the Admiral Vladimir (full name not known), which is a big Russian ship with antennas bristling out of every nook and cranny, to Antarctica. According to the Russians, “We are going down there to scout sub-ocean channels and terrain and valleys and so on.” The last time that the Russians sent their Baltic Sea fleet on a halfway around the world junket was the Russo-Japanese War. Fitts: I guess they’re not too worried about the Ukraine. Farrell: Or NATO. They’re more worried about Antarctica and whatever is happen- ing there. You add all of this up, and it is such a strange, bizarre list. Fitts: Things are not as they seem. If you have not done so yet, one thing that you have to do in the 3rd Quarter is to shut off the fake news. You don’t have time. Farrell: Secretary of State Kerry, when he went there during the middle of one of the most hotly contested elections in American history, and one of the most historic, is going on this diplomatic junket around the world. Then in the middle of it, suddenly, we hear, “He has decided to take a little side trip to Antarctica.” The spin that we are told is, “Well, he is interested in global climate change, and he wanted to get a firsthand, up close approx- imation of global climate change.” I’m thinking, “For crying out loud! Do they take us for fools? He’s the Secretary of State. He can pick up the phone and get all the data in the world.” Fitts: If you haven’t read Richard Dolan’s book, UFOs for the 21st Mind, everybody reading this should get it. Richard goes into the complete phenomena including what it means to run an entire parallel universe and how weird it becomes be- cause nothing makes any sense on and on. This is a perfect example. Let’s switch to Go Local because one way of dealing with all of this is to see if you VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell