74 from 1947 to the current time, I would call it, “How the Local Boys Got Rolled.” If we’re going to reverse engineer ‘how the local boys got rolled’ if the local boys are going to unroll and unrig, then the ques- tion comes down to: How are they going to deal with the control mechanisms? Where my discussion with people always breaks down is they don’t understand the control mechanisms. I decided that I have to back up and back off ‘Go Local’. I’ll do that next year. This year I’m going to talk about the control mechanisms, and we have to get clear about how control works. After that, we can then proceed to talk about ‘Go Local’. The theme is ‘Control 101’ and we will be talking about that three weeks from now. That’s been quite an experience; to sit down and try to communicate it and I don’t know why. I’ve tried to communicate it, but I haven’t been ‘in your face’ aggressive. I’ve decided that if we are going to protect the Consti- tution, this is coming down to not cutting time. So now we have to talk about this very, very bluntly. Farrell: Exactly, I agree. Fitts: So with that, let’s turn to Inspira- tion, our last section. Farrell: We need a great deal of that! Fitts: Let me discuss some of the things that were very inspiring in the 3rd Quar- ter. I received plenty of inspiration. The first thing that inspired me was many or- gan music concerts. I have to tell you that I have found the crowdfunding that has happened has been very inspiring because of all of the people who participated, and the way they participated and what they talked about. First of all, the teams that worked on it – both your team and my team – were so happy to do it. It was as if somebody said, “Let’s do something quirky. It has nothing to do with social prestige. We’re going to do this for the hell of it,” and many people jumped onto it. We had the launch party, and then we had the lunch in Louisville. The people who participated so loved this and so enjoyed being part of it. Their energy was very exciting. Farrell: They were very high energy people. Fitts: The other thing is that I’ve learned a tremendous amount about music and the organ, and I’ve come to really enjoy organ music. Farrell: Most people don’t pay attention to it because they associate it with that droning sound that they hear in church, but it is an interesting instrument. It’s the oldest keyboard instrument at about 1,000 years old. Fitts: Right, but it is also the music of space. Farrell: Yes, it’s the music of space. It’s a divine instrument – as it is sometimes called. Mozart called it the ‘king of instru- ments’. In a certain sense, it’s responsible for our polyphonic music because it’s a polyphonic instrument. It’s capable of playing several lines of music at the same time, and doing so loudly, and filling up those big buildings that they had to fill, or being very soft. Fitts: One thing that was so inspiring about the 3rd quarter is that I feel the cavalry has arrived. Every day the cavalry arrives. First of all, when I was trying to learn about cryptocurrencies, I was only strug- gling by myself. Then I committed attend a cryptocurrency conference, which meant that I really had to finish doing my due diligence. I also had many people press- ing me on the issue, but I couldn’t do it without serious due diligence. I called my good friend, Court Skinner, who is brilliant. I said, “Would you do some playdates with me around cryptocur- rency?” So we would skype – and we’re still doing it. Court really helped me slug through and figure this out. Then I could go to the conference. There were many software de- velopers and people who were much more knowledgeable and I learned a wealth of information. It was a big investment of time, but I felt I had plenty of top quality help. I’m getting access to much more help than I used to. Then, of course, Dr. Skidmore appeared with his graduate students on the missing money, and what an infusion of energy that was! I’ve been on this for 17 years. Farrell: You’ve been alone, and now you have people who understand where you’re coming from. That is always inspiring when you find people of like mind who understand what you’re doing and are able to help. Fitts: I had gone into a state of exhaus- tion about this. It’s extraordinary because Dr. Skidmore said, “The reason I became interested in this was because I heard you explain that $6.5 trillion was missing in 2015, and I knew that you were wrong.” Well, when you spend 17 years with everyone being absolutely confident that you’re wrong – when, in fact, you’re not wrong – it gets exhausting. I didn’t realize how exhausting it had become. The difference between most people and the real cavalry is they say, “Okay, I think that she is wrong. I’m going to figure it out myself.” So he took responsibility to find out, and he discov- ered that I wasn’t wrong; I was right. He was stunned, and he said, “Okay, now I’m going to take responsibility and really figure this out,” and he offered to help. That was quite remarkable. There were other cavalries. The people I studied with on the Pistis Sophia and traveled throughout Europe with, going to all of these concerts. They understand the importance of spiritual leadership and spiritual growth. The thing that I love about that teaching is it’s all about how to stay at a higher mind when there are very powerful forces pulling you down. There were cavalries appearing, and when you look at the issues that you and I have been talking about for years, I’m seeing an entirely new wave of people willing to do real work and take responsibility, and con- tribute and be very positive and helpful and collaborative. Farrell: I’ve noticed a similar phenom- enon. I’ve experienced the same kind of VI. News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell