18 ciates to do the same. All that it takes is for one incompetent or untrustworthy person within the network to directly or indirectly cause a signifi- cant drain of your time and energy. If you understand the concept of a morphogenic field, you understand that bringing in people whose intent is destructive to the field, reduces the power of everyone in the field. I often mention my favorite Bible story – the story of Gideon. I described it in our 2016 Christmas prayer book as follows: “And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Mid- ianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved me. Now therefore go to, proclaim in the ears of the people, saying, Whosoever is fearful and afraid, let him return and depart early from mount Gilead.” –Judges 7:2-3 The story of Gideon’s army is my favorite Bible story. The angel of the Lord explains to Gideon that the Lord can perform miracles with a few faith- ful, competent people. However, the Lord cannot accomplish anything if people who are not faithful or are not competent are present. I used to have a partner who said that before we proceeded with any big project we should get every- one together and tell the scared guys to go home. In this day and age, that is lifesaving advice.” I am always shocked when someone tells me that he is banking at a bank known to have commit- ted significant frauds over the last 10-20 years. He should know the signal this choice is sending. As I always say, “Crime that pays is crime that stays.” And why in the world does he feel that he, his money and his data are safe? It’s not. If that’s not mind control, what is it? I am also shocked when people tell me that they are still spending time trying to persuade some- one of what is happening who is consistently refusing to listen. Please focus your time and associations on people who are eager to understand what is happening and help you take effective action. There is a fork in the road – not everyone will take the road with you. The world is changing. Some people don’t want to come along. Focus your attention and associ- ations as much as possible on the people who do and who will give you energy along the way. SHUNNING Shunning is a powerful tool. The establishment uses it to punish those who resist controls, partic- ularly controls instituted outside the law. We can use it too. Here is a story I tell in my article “Narco Dollars for Beginners:” Who is Your Hero? In 1999, I was at a revival for Christian women. One of the presidential candidates made a guest appearance. A friend of mine, an Afro-American minister, who used to work for the Drug Enforce- ment Agency (DEA), leapt to her feet to applaud him with tremendous enthusiasm. I was surprised at her response given that she understood his success in attracting narco dollars – not to mention his and his colleague’s silence on Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance reports and the subsequent CIA admission of drug dealing by the government. She looked at me and said, “He is going to be the winner.” So I said, “You mean, I am a loser because I tried to stop the corruption and he is a winner because he profited from it and helped it grow. So you will clap for him and not for me.” She replied, “That’s right. You are a loser. He is a winner.” Not such an easy decision to vote for the “rule of law” is it? Shunning and related boycotts have historically been a powerful tactic for change. Here is one of my favorite stories: From “A Boycott By Any Other Name” by James II. Control 101 “Shunning is a powerful tool. The establishment uses it to punish those who resist controls, par- ticularly controls insti- tuted outside the law. We can use it too.”