25 Eye In the Sky Helen Mirren as a British army colonel who commands a drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya but the price of harming civilians, triggers a US-UK dispute over the implications of modern warfare The Wire TV series 2002-2008 Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement. Intelligence – 2 seasons 2005-2007 Set in modern-day Vancou- ver, the complex story fol- lows a game of information exchange by a boss of a crime organization and a female head of an Organized Crime Unit (OCU). An original and unfortunately short-lived Canadian TV series on how overt and covert economies overlap, cooperate and dovetail. Shadow Government A 2009 documentary on how data is collected, analyzing the technological landscape and evidence that an ultra- secret global elite controls technology, finance, inter- national law, world trade, political power and military capabilities. Take Back Your Power Transparency advocate Josh del Sol digs beyond the 2013 NSA spy scandal, investigat- ing utility and government programs involving mass in- home surveillance via smart meters. MIND CONTROL The Bourne Identity The first and possibly the best of the five movies and one TV series that were inspired by Robert Ludlum’s novel about a man who suffers from amnesia but obviously possesses extraor- dinary fighting and survival skills. Bourne is on the run from the CIA assassins while trying to regain his memory. The 2002 movie struck a chord with audiences for its realistic portrayal of action, the believ- able, ordinary-looking heroes (Matt Damon and Franka Po- tente) and a detailed portrayal of invigilation techniques. The amnesia theme was not new; the unglamorous and smart anti-hero was, and The Bourne Identity launched an ongoing franchise. The Bourne Supremacy When Bourne is framed for a failed CIA operation, he is forced to resume his former life as a trained assassin to survive. The Bourne Ultimatum Bourne has regained his mem- ory and he becomes an even bigger threat to his past CIA handlers from a new assassina- tion program. The Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner replaced Damon in this installment of the Bourne universe as a new hero but an array of invigili- tions, assassinations and lack of accountability in the name of security is the same as in the previous movies. However, audiences have not embraced the new casting and the next movie had Damon return to the franchise.